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3 Lessons on Leadership by Dominic Toretto (yea, That is RIGHT!!)

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Running a company, family or team requires a whole lot of passion, determination and sacrifice. 


It is also about knowing when to be firm and when to let go. Someone once told me Leadership was like having sand in your hands. Hold it too tight, you loose most of it, hold it too loose, and you lose most of it. Gotta be just right ( Thanks Dad)


There are many influential leaders in history but the one i am talking about today is special. He is fictional but he has made an impact on me for 5 movies and many many years. 


Vin Diesel or Dominic Toretto. He leads, he plans and he executes. Totally as a leader should. And i figured we could learn from the guy!










1. Always plan ahead and practice


Every job Toretto pulls, he knows he needs a plan. From beginning to end He has a plan and he practices. 

True to the axiom, leaders need to plan, plan and plan. And then they need to be sure the plan is workable. And we need to have backup plans. Sure plans go awry, you need adjustments but if you start without a plan, you have no path to follow.


Dominic Toretto: A real driver knows exactly what’s in his car.



2. Build a loyal team


Toretto rolls with a team. He is a fantastic driver but he needs other elements to pull off jobs.

Leaders are leaders for a reason. They lead, and they lead because they can and because others let them. It is important to build a team of various and multi-talented people. And be responsible to the team.


Always choose character over skill, because some things can be taught, others are inherent.

Dominic Toretto: Money will come and go ? We all know that. The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now. Salute, mi familia.


3. Be Fair


It is important to be fair to your team. Regardless of it being about money, responsibility, praise or criticism, it is important to be fair and firm about all of them.


I have a problem with this, I tend to expect more (a lot more) from people I am closer to. But I’m never unfair to my team.


Money is usually the smallest motivator for people wanting to be part of great things. 

There you have it, Toretto is a great leader and I look forward to see what he does in Fast 6.